Saad Al-Saghir reveals a new surprise about Bossi’s relationship with her father.. What is the story? – Art

The artist Bossi became the focus of attention of many in the artistic community, after her episode with the media Basma Wehbe on the “The Oracle” program, as she topped the “trend” because of her family problems, whether with her father or her husband. Bossi created a state of controversy because of her problems with her father and that she was constantly refusing Help him.

Saad Al-Saghir talks about Bossi and her relationship with her father

“Bossi refused to perform an operation for her father for 4000,” with these words the artist Saad Al-Saghir spoke to the media Basma Wahba On the fortune-telling program, Bossi said that he asked her in a call to forgive her father, because he asked me to be a mediator so that she could forgive him, but she refused even to perform a “white water” operation on his eye, and at that time Professor Amr Al-Laithi performed the operation on him.

Saad Al-Saghir talks about Bossi’s father

And he said Saad Al-SaghirHe spent nearly 250,000 pounds to furnish the apartment for her father, describing it as “a ruin,” so Bossi responded to him through a video in the same program, “I will not be able to do all that happened. I stand and bring him something, and I was replacing him with money.” But my parents used to use it against me and fight me with it.”

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