“The Chief of Staff will not stick to the throne”: this is the time when Major General Halevi will resign

War of Iron Swords: General (res.) An oily Capricornformer commander of the Gaza Division, spoke today (Monday) with Udi Segal and Anat Davidov on their show ‘Seven Nine’ on 103FM and talked about the IDF’s activity at Shifa Hospital and the attack on the Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich The Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Hertzi Halevi In the shadow of the appointment storm.

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Regarding the action in Shifa, he said at the beginning of the interview: “This actually reminds us that the fight against terrorism, especially with an organization like Hamas that has taken root in the Gaza Strip in a very serious way for years, is not something that ends in one day. It is a war that will last for many years, and it cannot be ended only by military means. It may be that if we continue on this path, as we are operating today, in which the IDF operates in an impressive manner, and on the other hand there is no comprehensive political thinking, strategic construction for the day after in order to change the reality in the Gaza Strip for the distant future, then we will simply return there.”

“There are thousands of armed Hamas terrorists in Gaza, the civil mechanisms are controlled by Hamas. The IDF officer who spoke to the representative of the Palestinian Ministry of Health is a Hamas man, he did not speak to anyone else,” he continued. “If we don’t do something together with the US , the countries of the region, to change the situation at the strategic level, so we will continue to fight.”

“These things need to be done at the same time, obviously we need to enter Rafah, obviously we need to sit on the Philadelphia axis, bypass the Gaza Strip. The fact that we are not there yet is a fault, it indicates the shallowness of thinking at the strategic level. It was clear that as soon as you push so many refugees towards Egypt’s border will create a very serious problem,” he added.

He then said: “I have no doubt that once they started in Gaza City, and it was true, as a center of gravity, there should have been some sort of SDF, and there were many available at that time, that would go and close off Gaza from the south – isolate Gaza from Sinai. We understand that there are tunnels there, IDF passes through there, maybe kidnapped people, fighters passed there, we don’t know these things. There is no doubt that Israel is now in a very difficult situation.”

“One of the main reasons is the conduct of the Prime Minister of Israel who continues to publicly confront the President of the United States, the greatest friend we have ever had, whom they attack, insult, and try to sabotage in the election process in the United States,” he continued. “President Biden is a mature enough person, responsible and cares enough about the State of Israel and the Jewish people – he will not abandon us. We need to sit down with the Americans, with the Egyptians, we need to explain things to them, we need to show them how we know how to do it without tens of thousands of civilians being killed, And the IDF knows how to do this thing. No choice.

Regarding Smotrich’s words, he said: “Smotrich, one of the fathers of the concept, is the one who stood up and explained with his voice why Hamas is an asset, during his time as minister they transferred billions to Hamas in suitcases. Smotrich and Netanyahu, together with Qatar, built Hamas and this is the monster we have today. So first of all I Says to Smotrich, he passed by the Kirya when he served in the army, when you talk about the Chief of Staff – your shoes over your feet.”

Speech by Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi (Photo: IDF Spokesperson)

“The Chief of Staff explained, there are commanders who need to be replaced, there are people who have been injured, they need to be replaced. There is a dynamic of how power is built. It’s something I don’t expect Smotrich to understand, I expect the Minister of Defense not to treat it even as background noise, it’s his authority, the authority of the Chief of Staff, we need to go forward,” he continued.

“It is true that the Chief of Staff failed, that the IDF failed on the seventh of October, but fortunately for us the industrialized IDF is working very well, in a way that can only be admired. Up to the Chief of Staff, they are acting in a very impressive manner, and in the end they also took responsibility and they will take responsibility. This is not the smugglers of the political echelon, Netanyahu, Smotrich,” he added.

“The Chief of Staff must continue to conduct the fighting right now,” he said at the end of the interview. “Once the Defense Minister thinks, the Chief of Staff himself thinks, that the keys can be transferred, I believe that the Chief of Staff will not stick to the chair. He conducts these battles, this war, with good grace. He doesn’t need Smortich to help him run the campaign. The government should deal with what it is not dealing with – formulating a strategy, creating legitimacy.”

“The IDF spokesman should come out with such a message in the middle of the night, he understands that he has a government that is constantly gnawing away at the legitimacy of the State of Israel, at the IDF’s freedom of action. Smotrich goes even further and attacks the IDF, this is ridiculous.”

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Shani Romano 103fm

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