The mission began: the team landed in Hungary

The Israeli national team will meet Iceland this coming Thursday, and coach Alon Hazan is already closed today (Monday) on the identity of 10 of the 11 players who will start. He would like to see in training how the players themselves feel, but is only debating about who will start on the left wing.

Omri Glazer will open between the posts. Eli Desa, Miguel Vitor, Shawn Goldberg and Roy Rabivo will start in defense. Neta Lavi, Dor Peretz and Oskar Glouch in the midfield, while Eran Zahavi and Anan Halaili will start the attack in 4:3:3. The debate is between Gadi Kinda, Dor Turgeman and Gabi Kanikovsky.

The team itself landed in Hungary in the late afternoon, and some of the legionnaires arrived earlier. Oskar Gloch was the first to land after Salzburg’s match against Hartberg, followed by Eli Dessa and Ramzi Spuri who took off from Turkey. Thai Bribo, Neta Lavi and Dan Glazer (who was jumped in at the last minute in place of the injured Raz Shlomo) followed them. The one who will be absent is Daniel Peretz. Bayern Munich’s goalkeeper contracted a virus and was released from the national team, and the one called in his place is Gad Amos from Maccabi Bnei Rayna.

A double-digit number of Shin Bet personnel left with the team, and some of them already arrived yesterday at the hotel where two floors were closed for the delegation. Regardless of the result, the team decided not to go to Poland or Bosnia after the game, and will stay until Sunday in Budapest where they will train.

In Hungary, there is little interest in the national team’s game, except for the Jews who live in or around Budapest. Most Hungarians are preoccupied with the friendly match against Turkey at the national stadium.

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