This is how Putin celebrated winning the elections: “One step away from World War III”

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, won last night (Sunday) in the elections and will serve for another six years – according to the samples and preliminary results after the three days of voting which were also characterized by protests from the opponents of the regime. The Russian leader (71), who has ruled the country for 24 years – including four years as prime minister between 2008 and 2012, waited less than a day after the publication of the sample of the FOM channel, which showed that Putin had reached 87.8 percent of the vote, in order to make a particularly threatening statement towards the west.

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The new-old president was responding to French President Emmanuel Macron’s insinuation that troops would be sent to help Ukraine in its fight against Kremlin forces. According to the “Daily Star”, moments after the victory, Putin said: “I think everything is possible in today’s world and it is clear to everyone that this will be one step from a full-scale World War III.”

What about the other contestants in the Russian presidential election, you ask? Nikolai Kharitonov finished with 3.8 percent, Leonid Slutsky with 2.96 percent and Valdislav Dvankov with 3.73 percent. For comparison, in the 2018 election, Putin finished with 76.69 percent. Is it about national support that increased following the war with Ukraine, or a magnificent falsification of the election results? We’ll probably never know.

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