Video – Ahmed Helmy reveals the details of his movie with Mona Zaki and his life’s wish

During his interview with the “Big Time Podcast” program presented by the journalist Amr Adeeb on MBC, the artist Ahmed Helmy revealed the details of the film through which he will return to cooperate with his wife, the artist Mona Zaki, after a break from working together for more than 25 years.

Helmy said: “I wrote two films ten years ago, including a film that I and my wife Mona Zaki will make together.”

He added: “The idea for the film came to me while I was on the plane, and I did not have a paper with me, so I wrote it on a plastic bag, and I wrote everything that came to my mind, and this work was written in days… When I wrote the film, I was alone, and the weather was winter and very depressing, and the night was like day, and I did not leave the room. Until I wrote the work in days, and I could not sit still, write or draw.”

Helmy added, “The name of the film I wrote is “Wash Wa Dahr,” and the story for it is a story about the cover of the book “Wash Wa Dahr,” stressing: “My life’s wish is to make 4 or 5 films a year, but I want to deliver something… the actor who works in comedy.” Ghalban, my life’s wish is to present non-comedy works.”

Ahmed Helmy answered a question about the first love story he experienced in his life, saying: “The first love story in my life was my friend’s aunt.”

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