Video – Saad Al-Saghir continues his attack on Bossi and reveals shocking details about her life!

Popular singer Saad Al-Saghir was a guest on the “Al-Arafa” program presented by journalist Basma Wahba on Al-Nahar channel, where he opened fire on the singer Bossi, accusing her of causing the imprisonment of her late ex-husband, Walid Al-Fateen, in addition to talking about her assault on the latter.

Al-Saghir said: “Bossi brought Fatin, tied him up, and hit him in the face with the slipper, and we are all witnesses that she was the one who imprisoned him, and with us were Al-Laithi, Al-Sabki, Sherif Fashwar, and others, and we were sitting and she confessed that she was the one who imprisoned him.”

Regarding his intervention in Bossi’s problem with her late father, Saad Al-Saghir said: “I told her father that you caused Bossi harm. I couldn’t eat while you were staying up late and the person didn’t want to talk, and I wanted to reconcile her with him.”

Al-Saghir added: “Her father made a mistake against her, but she did not send him a pound, nor did she give her sisters anything, and for 250 thousand pounds I bought him an air conditioner, screens, and other things, from the donation of a philanthropist, because he was living in ruins, and if she was fine and had blood, she would get the 250 thousand.” A pound for God’s sake, but she took the apartment with the furniture we brought, and it is her mother’s apartment, and she is supposed to give the thing we brought to her father.”

Saad Al-Saghir concluded his speech by saying: “Bossi’s father appeared with me on the program because I was the one who was with him, and the Qur’an she did not speak to him. He needed 4,000 pounds to have an operation on his eyes, and Professor Amr Al-Laithi did it for him, and my relationship with Bossi began many years ago, and I was the one who brought it to her.” The song “Oh, My World” by Amina… The song was owned by the popular singer Amina, and there were problems between her and Mohamed Abdel Moneim, and Bossi brought the song at the request of Mohamed Abdel Moneim.”

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