“You fought like a hero in difficult conditions”: Captain Daniel Peretz was laid to rest

The funeral of Captain Daniel Peretz, who was killed in battle on October 7, and whose body is held by Hamas, was held today (Monday) at the military cemetery on Mount Herzl. Daniel left behind two parents, a brother and two sisters.

Captain Daniel Peretz is laid to rest, Photo: Haim Goldberg/Flash90

His commander eulogized him: “We are shocked and pained by your fall. The IDF fights against the enemy and is on guard. Among them are the fighters of the entire 7th Brigade, which fights in Gaza and leads tough battles with determination. In your last position you were a team leader, you performed your role with the precision that is characteristic of you. You took care of your friends and subordinates. A show of respect for everyone. You were like a brother to your friends. You chose to move out of a mission. On October 7, you fought like a hero, under difficult conditions. I salute you”.

Captain Daniel Peretz, 22 years old from Mid Binyamin, was a platoon commander in the 77th Battalion. Yesterday it was allowed to be published that after examining the findings, the rabbi of the chief military determined his death and that the findings allowed him to be buried according to Halacha.

Daniel and his family immigrated from South Africa about nine years ago. His sister, Shira, told about him that “he is a cool brother with a million friends, funny and smart and always there to help” and that she “misses his hug”.

The family of Captain Daniel Peretz, Photo: Haim Goldberg/Flash90

Just a few days ago, Daniel’s father, Rabbi Doron Peretz, said in a statement from the family headquarters: “Our son immigrated less than ten years ago, volunteered for the armor, and on that day did everything he could to protect the homeland and save as many people as possible. We have not known for almost 160 days Nothing about our son, except that he was injured. Is there anything more humanitarian than giving a signal – what is happening to our child?”

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