You have never received such a delivery of dishes: all the food events and collections in Purim 2024

hula hula

The Tel Aviv dairy restaurant will hold between March 21 and 24 four consecutive days of a Purim feast with specials, cocktails, DJs and belly dancers who will try to sweeten the mood, despite everything.

Among Chef Shaked Fahima’s special dishes: Carpaccio Intias (olive oil, mint, chives and feta cheese dots – NIS 67); Candy Pop cocktail (gin, Aperol, lemon juice, Monin passion fruit and pineapple juice – NIS 60); And a mango mousse dessert with white chocolate and pieces of manna ears. Into the night: jumping sets, dances and costume parties. kosher.

hula hula, Photo: Yonatan Ben Haim

Denver Steak House

The Jerusalem meat restaurant will offer on March 24 a special closed menu with dishes such as ceviche, carpaccio, fried cauliflower, a pot stuffed with siske and a meat platter for the main course. NIS 300 per person, including a soft drink, a small bottle of ouzo / glass of alcohol, desserts and hot drinks. The artistic part will be entrusted to the singer Maya Sol and her band, who will entertain you with the best hits in Greek. Kosher L’mehadrin.

denver, Photography: Asaf Karla

Greek living room

Purim in the style of the Middle Hayom Basin. Chef Guy Peretz’s Greek salon in Herzliya will welcome the holiday between March 21 and 25 with Tavern evenings where Greek singers and musicians will be hosted, alongside other formal surprises. Pay attention to the special hours in which the Mishti will take place: on Thursday, Saturday and Monday they will start at 18:00, while on Friday and Sunday it will happen from 12:00. kosher.

greek living room, Photo: Yonatan Ben Haim

DNA Azrieli

It turns out that this beauty is in the DNA of the DNA Azrieli Tel Aviv complex. On March 21, starting at 19:00, there will be a Purim party “Rav Khushit”, behind which stand Nati Naim, the owner of the MyYain wine company, and the entrepreneur Elias Dagan.
The extensive wine menu includes quite a few local wineries, including Binyamina Winery, Jerusalem Winery, Heutzer Winery, Muni Winery and Gush Etzion Winery.

It will be possible to choose one of two routes: entrance to the complex and two glasses of wine for 130 shekels, or entrance and four glasses for 160 shekels, where each visitor will also receive a quality glass as a souvenir. More at the party: a costume contest with prizes, art displays and a tattoo booth, a photo booth and music sponsored by DJ Amir Naksh. kosher. to purchase tickets.

DNA, Photo: Shay Ben Senior

Parana in the market

Forget dates, chocolate, poppy seeds and even pistachios and lotuses, because the trio of Perna’s Haman’s Ears in the Carmel market brings it a spicy and salty twist. Until March 25, Dor Zagori’s street food stand will offer a complete dish of Ozan haman from crispy dough filled with asado aioli, basil and tomato salsa; Ozan Haman filled with fish meatballs, spicy set, lemon and mashvia; And the manna ear filled with chicken, avocado and tomato. Admit that you didn’t expect it. NIS 45 for the three ears, including chaser Arak at the house’s expense. The dish is offered to eat on site only and is not available in deliveries. kosher.

Parna in the market, Photo: Ram Shanval

Raise a toast to the Galil wineries

Four northern wineries – Dalton, Ramot Naftali, Ben Zamra and Kerem Shabu, whose visitor centers have been closed for several months due to the war, will be hosted on March 22, between 10:00 and 14:00, at the Castel Winery in the Jerusalem Mountains. Schedule: A Purim feast with food stalls and a lot of wine – to sip in glasses or to buy in bottles – as well as holiday packages from Louisa Culinary Center and David Laur Confectionery for the locals. NIS 50 per ticket, including the first glass of wine. to purchase tickets.

Castel Winery, Photography: Elad Barmy

Per Dreyer

The Per Dreyer wine bar in Biffa will offer between March 21 and 24 a 20 percent discount on the wine menu during all operating hours, and a 25 percent discount on the wine store (to take home) to anyone who comes from vacation. And there are also specials such as the Denver Cat skewer (roasted Maggi tomatoes and shallots, wine sauce) and Lebarak fish schnitzel (dill cabbage salad, sachug and tomato salsa).

Per Dreyer, Photography: Haim Yosef

Deliveries of vegan meals to IDF soldiers

Ahead of the holiday, a food truck loaded with deliveries of vegan and kosher dishes will visit the IDF bases, as part of the “Vegan Wednesday” initiative of the Dizengoff Center and the Vegan Friendly Association. The next delivery will be collected on March 20 at the center’s food market, and this is where you come into the picture: drop by the fair on Wednesday, buy there Vegan dishes for soldiers (you can also bring vegan deliveries from home with closed shelf products), decorate them, add a greeting card and let the truck do its thing. It really is a delivery with a mission.

The Dizengoff Center podtrack, Photo: Bitmov

Coffee River

Cafe River in the Jordanit complex at the entrance to Kibbutz Kinneret offers a special Purim ears of manna with unusual fillings such as pistachio cream with white chocolate-pistachio coating and dried raspberries on top; cocoa dough with halva spread and halva hairs on top; Creme pâtissier coated with white chocolate and ground dried raspberries; As well as manna ears with classic fillings (poppy, chocolate) and delivery of dishes with ears and other sweets (chocolate balls, cookies, tarts and more, starting at NIS 64).

Purim at Coffee River, Photography: Eden Saban

Pop and Pop Bakery

Pop & Pop Bakery’s Hamman ears menu in Tel Aviv includes pistachio raspberry ear (almond cream and pistachio plus raspberry); Almonds and coffee (espresso marzipan and cocoa beans), raw tahini and halvah, chocolate and classic poppy (seven NIS per unit / 52 NIS for a case of eight units).

But that’s not all: Pop & Pop’s Croissant decided he wanted to dress up as a pretzel, and he did it, with a little help from pastry chef Ofer Ben Natan, with a special technique that gave it a crispy, golden and salty coating – just like the famous German pretzel. 12 shekels.

decided to dress up as a fool, Photo: PR

Domino’s Pizza

On the network, this year is also launching the Ozan Hamman dessert – Crispy dough filled with hot chocolate with powdered sugar on top and the size of a personal pizza – which will save you a corner (or three) in everything related to the last dish. Ozan Haman is offered in all branches of the chain between March 18 and 25 for NIS 23, or in promotions for a family pizza and an Ozan for NIS 82, and two family pizzas and an Ozan for NIS 130.

Pizza – Haman’s Ear, Photo: PR

Cold buckets

Winter, at least this week, is still kind of here, but that doesn’t stop the Cold Bucket chain from launching these days a new and extra-formy ice cream flavor: marshmallow-flavored cream ice cream with colorful marshmallow sprinkles – in a special edition, of course. Voice.

Purim dessert in cold buckets, Photo: David Moyal

Max Brener

Have a sweet and chocolatey Purim. Max Brenner’s dish delivery collection this year includes a selection of particularly beloved items, such as Chinese pecans wrapped in nougat; milk chocolate drops with popping candies; Chocolate cubes filled with nougat cream with sea salt; White chocolate filled with nougat cream and rolled in pistachio pieces; And also new products such as cereal balls coated with white chocolate and pistachio cream and cereal balls coated with milk chocolate and peanut butter. All this with the addition of a mask, and also the option of adding a Haman ear case. Price range: NIS 256-178.

Max Brener, Photo: Adi Sade

Omar Miller’s co-op

Carmel wineries and chef Omer Miller join forces and launch a new case that includes a 700 ml Ark Carmel bottle, A pair of chaser glasses and a recipe for a salmon dish (flavored, of course) specially composed by Miller in honor of Purim. “We created a festive recipe together that will make you smile a little even in these difficult days, and remember pleasant moments of togetherness,” according to the chef. 60 shekels.

Arc Carmel, Photo: Eyal Keren

Delivery of the colorful dishes of Strauss

What’s in Strauss and Yango Daly’s joint parcel deliveries? Depends on what color you chose. In the red delivery, for example, you will receive cow chocolate, a snack until midnight, cheese Cheetos and more; In the green delivery you will find Doritos, tortilla, quarter to seven and others; Whereas in the yellow delivery, there is a timeout waiting, Makufal, Potato Chips and Co… Did you understand the trend? Beauty. 50-80 shekels.

folded, Photo: Efrat Eshel

Tessa – the house of sweets

Receive international package delivery. Tesa chain – the home of sweets, allows you to put together an original sweet (and salty) box, embracing worlds and crossing borders, the kind you really won’t see anywhere. How about, for example, chocolate-mint Oreo cookies from South Korea, on Lays snacks (the equivalent of potato chips) from the Far East with truffle flavors, avocado and even Bolognese! About soft drinks from Japan and other choppers that you would normally have to stamp a passport for? You can assemble and order delivery of dishes through the chain’s website (and also through Volt in Gush Dan cities), or drop by one of the nine branches across the country and try not to get carried away.

parcel delivery from Tesa, Photo: PR

Ornamental field

What will you find in Noi Sheda’s well-invested package delivery? Mainly the brand’s new series of pastries, but not only: haman ears, alfahors, macarons, chusha cake, a selection of Lindor chocolates, tahini spread, mask and of course Noi’s strawberries. 299 shekels.

The delivery of Noi Sheda’s dishes, Photo: Sandra

her benefit

The bottles of Yutava chocolate have been disguised With a limited edition label, where the brand’s logo enters strongly into the formal atmosphere (we’ve always said that if you’re going to have a mustache, it’s better to have a moustache). So if you happen to be sending out packages that require refrigeration anyway – show us one person who wouldn’t be happy to wash down the crumbs of the Haman’s ears with a chilled cup of chocolate.

the disguised chocolate, Photo: Studio Strauss


Roldin’s Hamman Ear this year is without a doubt the creation of the chain’s Nochola Bianco Brownie – a huge ear filled with chocolate brownie dough and nut cream, which can easily be shared and shared between three hungry revelers (NIS 18). More from Roldin for Purim 2024: vegan ear of manna coated with marzipan filling, banana and lotus cream; Ozan Haman Nuts in Caramel Toffee (sela almonds filled with nuts and caramel toffee); And Ozan Haman covered in chocolate Bianco with hazelnuts (sola cocoa almonds filled with chocolate and Nochola Bianco in a hazelnut crust). NIS 14 per 100 grams / NIS 6 per coated ear.

roldin, Photo: Ronen Mangan

Confectionery named after him

Manna ears from yeast dough or from crispy dough? In terms of his name confectionery, the answer is both. This year the chain offers a selection of ears with different fillings and doughs, such as poppy, ricotta and raisins or nuts from yeast dough (NIS 6 per unit), as well as ears filled with poppy seeds, nuts, chocolate or dates from crispy dough (NIS 42 for a 350 gram box). More in the Purim collection: poppy pressburger cake (49 NIS) and poppy cake without added sugar (65 NIS).

His name’s collection, Photography: Daniel Lila

Neaman Bakery

The Haman ears collection for Purim 2024 of the Na’am bakery chain includes some particularly intriguing fillings, such as time out, white chocolate and Oreo cookies, red velvet, salted pretzels, dates seasoned with cinnamon, pistachio cream, and sugar-free haman ears filled with poppy seeds and chocolate. NIS 38 per case, NIS 89 per kg.

Neaman Bakery, Photo: Gil Aviram


The Biga chain innovates with gluten-free halva flavored manna ears, which are suitable for celiac sufferers. The new flavor joins Biga’s existing gluten-free date, poppy and chocolate flavors, which are offered at a price of NIS 42 per 250 gram package, or NIS 140 per kilo.

Biga, Photography: Asaf Karla

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