After reaching the highest price yesterday… a decline and decline hit the global oil markets today

Morning trading in global oil markets, at exactly seven in the morning, local time in the Holy Capital of Mecca, witnessed a significant decline in the prices of global oil crude oils after achieving weekly gains until last Friday, by a rate of up to 4%.

Global raw materials witnessed a decline and decline, as they fell Brent crude futures for May delivery fell 16 cents to $86.73 a barrel. On the other hand, the April West Texas Intermediate crude contract, which expires tomorrow, fell by 16 cents to $82.56.

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Some analysts at J.P. Morgan said in a note to clients about this matter: “The attacks are likely to reduce the volumes of Russian crude consumed by refineries by up to 300,000 barrels per day, in addition to scheduled shutdowns for maintenance… However, the decline in operation It will lead to increased crude oil exports, helping Russia achieve production cuts while keeping exports steady.”

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