Ahmed Helmy: My disagreements with Mona Zaki end when they occur

Egyptian artist Ahmed Helmy revealed that his disputes with his wife, artist Mona Zaki, end when they occur.

Helmy explained in television statements that at the beginning of his marriage to Mona Zaki, arguments and disagreements took them about 4 days, during which they lived in a tense atmosphere inside the house, before reconciliation.

He added: “We used to talk normally during the period of disagreements, and we would eat together and maybe watch a movie together, but we would stop chatting and deal briefly.”

Ahmed Helmy continued that he and Mona Zaki found that disagreements made them tense for a long time before they ended up reconciling, so they agreed to end these matters on time so as not to disturb themselves unnecessarily.

Helmy admitted that he sometimes sees himself at fault in some of his disagreements with his wife, and his poor choice of the timing during which he raises the problem with her.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki have been married since May 2002, and they have 3 children, Lily, Salim, and Younis.

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