Doctors – Kate Middleton’s mysterious illness: where did the Princess of Wales go?

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Many people around the world are wondering where Kate Middleton has gone, who has not been seen since last December. The unusual disappearance of the Princess of Wales has sent the web into a frenzy – countless conspiracy theories have been thrown into the air, including in many TikTok videos. The questions surrounding the issue are driving the public crazy who are eager to know what happened to Kate. Did the princess undergo a medical procedure and nothing else, or is it a cover-up by the royal house? All the conspiracies here.

Where did Princess Kate go?

A stormy mystery in the United Kingdom – where has Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales gone? The inexplicable absence of Kate, who used to be called the Duchess of Cambridge, from public life since last December, created a vacuum of questions and speculations, which fill social networks and Tiktok mainly.

In honor of Purim, we have prepared for you the great parade of speculations, among them: the official reaction of the royal house to the surprising disappearance, the royal betrayal of William, and also: how all this is related to Queen Esther.

The last time Kate was seen was on Christmas Day, when she attended church at the Royal Sandringham Estate with her husband Prince William and their three children. Dressed in a dark blue coat and a modern hat, the princess looked completely fresh and healthy, with no outward signs of the dramatic affair that was to unfold two weeks later.

Kate’s surgery

At a later stage it became known that Kate was hospitalized last January in order to undergo abdominal surgery at a private hospital in London. Kensington Palace maintained complete secrecy about her hospitalization and the details of the operation. The palace issued a brief and terse statement that Kate had “planned abdominal surgery”, without further details about the surgery or why the princess had to undergo the procedure.

On the other hand, with or without connection to Kate, the palace published a medical detail about another royal – King Charles, who underwent a medical examination due to an enlarged prostate and suspected prostate cancer.

Back to the Kate enigma, the royal palace’s cautious and secretive response only stirred the spirits of speculators more, and in the absence of official information, many rumors were spread about Kate’s state of health – from the explanation that she had undergone a hysterectomy or an operation to remove a tumor from the digestive system, to unfounded theories that Kate is no longer among Life.

The many speculations were directed towards the royal house, which received sharp criticism from the British media for preventing vital information from reaching the public. Senior reporters covering the royal household have raised difficult questions about the reasons for the extreme secrecy surrounding the operation of the kingdom’s most popular princess. Such a prolonged absence raised suspicions that it was a serious illness or a much more serious medical condition than the palace is willing to reveal.

The strange picture that the royal house chose to publish

A few days after the laconic announcement of the Royal House, the official Twitter account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge published a photo of Kate with her children at the Mother’s Day celebrations. But this attempt also turned into a media failure – the photo was published with a particularly amateurish Photoshop job that caused a particularly illusory result.

In the picture, Kate is seen smiling with her three children, but not only the children and Kate are in the picture in question, but also several human hands that do not belong to any of the photographed. “We have fallen victim to a serious incident of fraud; the credibility of the royal house has been severely damaged,” an official statement from the royal house said in response to the strange findings.

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The British Royal Family. Middleton with her children (second from right). Archive photo: Shutterstock

The fake photo crisis, dubbed “Fake Kate” in the British media, embarrassed Kensington Palace, which had to issue an official apology on Kate’s behalf: “Like many other amateur photographers, I sometimes play with digital photo editing. I wanted to express my apologies for Any misunderstanding that the family photo we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone had a happy and good Mother’s Day.” Later and after a few days, more blurry photos of Kate sitting in a car from the royal house were distributed just to add fuel to the burning fire of the unsolved mystery.

The complete lack of information and the inconsistent reactions of the royal institutions about Kate’s health caused the public to lose patience, and celebrities openly expressed far-reaching suspicions. “There is a significant probability that she died about 18 months ago and that is the explanation for the situation,” said the British comedian John Oliver jokingly in a television interview.

The betrayal of the Prince of Wales

One of the leading conspiracies on the web about Kate’s disappearance is Prince William’s infidelity. In 2019 it was announced that the prince cheated on Kate with her best friend, Rose Hanbury, who of course attended the couple’s wedding and is in a very close relationship with the prince. It is even claimed that Hanbury is pregnant by the prince, and out of shame Kate decided to disappear from the public eye. There is really no evidence for this claim, and to be honest, there is also no proof that Kate actually underwent a medical procedure. Currently, the whole affair is a mystery.

In conclusion, Princess Kate Middleton’s prolonged and mysterious absence from public life has spawned a wave of crazy conspiracy theories on social media. The cautious and vague reactions of the royal palace only stirred the spirits of the conspirators, who presented extreme explanations ranging from surgeries, through royal treason to extreme claims that Kate is no longer alive.
And what does all this have to do with Queen Esther? There is no connection (:

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