How do I register my case with Ihsan?! Registering with Ihsan for beneficiaries step by step

The Ihsan platform is one of the most important charitable platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specialized in collecting donations and helping deserving individuals obtain financial support that strengthens them and enables them to pay their debts and solve their financial problems through zakat and donations. Through our website, we explain the steps for registering on the Ihsan platform as a beneficiary step by step.

steps Registration on the Ihsan platform for beneficiaries

The Ihsan platform provides the ability for citizens to register on the platform to obtain support and assistance in order to solve a problem or financial crisis they are facing. Registration can be done by following the following steps:

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  • You must visit the official platform of the Ihsan Program for Zakat and Charitable Works.from here“.
  • Create a new account on the platform.
  • Record all required personal data, including date of birth and national ID number.
  • Enter your phone number and email correctly.
  • It is preferable to add documents proving the validity of the information that proves that you need help to repay loans or debts.
  • After creating the account, fill out the form and write all the required data, as each support differs in the required data.
  • You may be requested to provide documents such as an income certificate or medical reports proving your health condition, which are documents that prove your eligibility for support.
  • All data and documents that you submitted to the Ihsan platform will be reviewed in order to register you as a beneficiary to solve the problem you are facing, and it may take some time to determine the decision that can be implemented towards you to help you according to your circumstances.

What are the conditions for registering on the Ihsan Charitable Electronic Platform as a beneficiary?

There are some basic conditions that must be met by applicants to apply to the Ihsan platform as beneficiaries to solve their financial problems, which are:

  • The applicant for assistance must be a permanent resident of the Kingdom.
  • An active email registration is required.
  • You must submit the required documents proving the eligibility of the application.
  • Direct communication between the beneficiary and the platform without any intermediary between them.
  • It must be agreed that the maximum support shall not exceed one hundred thousand Saudi riyals.

At the end of the article, we have explained the steps to register on the Ihsan Charitable Platform as a beneficiary through the website and follow some simple steps, in addition to clarifying the most important conditions that must be met in order to register as a beneficiary on the platform.

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