Jamila Awad defends “Lunch Box” after it was accused of insulting Palestine: We changed the sentence because of the actor, and my position on the issue is known | news

Actress Jamila Awad defended the series “Lunch Box” after followers on Twitter were angered by a scene similar to one of the clips of a child who was targeted in Gaza by the occupation forces.

A scene spread from the sixth episode of the Lunchbox series, showing the character “Nada” (Jamila Awad) looking for a person named Youssef or Yassin in an electronics store, and she asked the employee in charge, saying: Excuse me, I was coming to ask about someone who works for you here whose name is Youssef or Yassin. He’s so blond, his hair is curly and sweet.

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Jamila Awad repeated one of Al-Azhan’s Gaza clips, a video that went viral of a family searching for their son who was martyred last October, and his mother searching for him, saying, “His name is Youssef. He is 7 years old. His hair is curly, white, and sweet.”

Jamila Awad responded in a group of posts on

Then I published a picture of the actor Yahya Saadeh, and this is what happened. The scene was written as brown, and suddenly, while we were saying, we gathered together that the actor who came was blond, so we changed one word. You are supposed to know that this is an impossible thing to happen with the intention of not causing strife. I think people know well my position on the issue. I wish we would unite against the enemy.”

Jamila Awad objected to the comparison of the two scenes in response to the user who wrote the original post: “I mean, there are people who don’t take it into consideration or make a connection, and you are the one who makes them think that they are incorrect.”

It is noteworthy that director Hisham Al-Rashidi apologized for the scene and wrote on Instagram, “A due apology to everyone for whom the text of the painful scene for our sisters was similar to the text of the scene of the series, which was completely unintended. The issue has not and will never be room for anything other than all support and respect. May God give patience to our people in Phil.” “S. clay and helps them.”

The official poster for the series “Lunch Box”

“Lunch Box” is the Egyptian version of the American series “Good Girls,” which aired fifty episodes from 2018 to 2021, and achieved success and spread around the world.

The work consists of 30 episodes and revolves around three women, two sisters and their friend, who are forced by circumstances to get involved in a theft, after which they think that things will improve, but bad surprises continue, in a social comedy format.

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