Niger collides with America… The Pentagon announces that there is no time frame for withdrawal

Niger announced the cancellation of the agreement with Washington, while the Pentagon spokeswoman, Sabrina Singh, said that there is no time frame for any withdrawal of American forces from Niger.

The spokeswoman added, in a statement reported by the American Al-Hurra channel on Monday, “We are aware of the statement issued the day before yesterday by Niger, ending military cooperation with the United States and the American military presence there.”

She indicated that her country is working through diplomatic channels to obtain clarifications from Niger in this regard, and expressed its concern about the relationship between Niger, Russia, and Iran.

The spokesman for the military junta in Niger, Amadou Abderrahmane, announced, in a statement yesterday, Saturday, that “the government of Niger, taking into account the aspirations and interests of the people, decides with all responsibility to cancel with immediate effect the agreement regarding the status of the United States military staff and civilian employees in the Ministry of Defense.” America on the territory of Niger.

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