Or Heller (‘News 13’): Wherever the IDF left, Hamas returns


IDF forces continue operations at Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip • Or Heller (‘News 13’): “There were battles and clashes there this night as well”

During these hours, the IDF forces continue their ground operations at Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. Yesterday (Monday) it was announced that as part of the maneuver in the area, the head of Hamas’s Internal Security Directorate Fa’ak Mabuhuh was killed. Reporter and military commentator Or Heller (‘News 13’) brought more details about the news.

“The operation continues inside the Shifa Hospital – those who are leading it are really the 13th Fleet fighters who are inside the hospital with coordinators of the Shin Bet, with POW investigators of Unit 504. They are scanning there room by room and floor by floor. It’s a huge hospital, so the forces are actually still there,” Heller explained and added: “Yesterday we were informed of the assassination of Faik al-Mabhouh, perhaps the most senior figure they wanted to arrest in Shifa, the younger brother of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh who was assassinated in Dubai in 2010. We report on at least 40 terrorists who were eliminated, 20 in the area outside the hospital, another 20 inside the hospital, and we report that during this night there were also battles and clashes in Shifa.”

According to him, “The operation in Shifa in Ametz demonstrates to us the great difficulty and the problem that places the IDF withdraws from, Hamas enters. The IDF diagnosed that Hamas is returning to the hospitals based on its doctrine of warfare that existed years before the war, to see the hospitals as military outposts immune from Israeli bombs. Not only in Shifa, we see other hospitals that the IDF operated in the Gaza Strip, when it leaves, Hamas returns. It tells a bigger story about Israel’s difficulty in this war, and that’s exactly the point – once the IDF leaves, there is no other force that will take power, we know the Prime Minister’s refusal to allow armed forces from the territories to be trained by the Americans, who are the ones who will really take control For example, in the north of the Gaza Strip, so really wherever the IDF leaves, Hamas returns.”

He later referred to the announcement by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about the assassination of Marwan Issa: “What we really thought we would hear from the official Israeli announcements, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has arrived, he is saying what we have been saying for the past few days, which is believed to be Really eliminated. In Sullivan’s message, he says that there are indications, proofs that Marwan Issa, Daf’s deputy, was eliminated. He defines it as ‘Isa was eliminated with a very high probability’. We are still waiting for an official announcement from the IDF, from the Shin Bet.

“Marwan Issa’s role as Hamas Chief of Staff was really to reorganize all the Hamas battalions after the IDF operation. We would very much like to think that such an elimination affects command and control in Hamas, that such an elimination affects Sinwar’s positions also in the negotiations that are now expected to last for weeks long, we would like to think that, all these things, but we already have experience that many things we do and think have a great effect, in the end it is death by a thousand stabs, so I would really suggest that we wait for the official announcement of Marwan Issa’s assassination and also see the The effect of this – also on the territory, on the fighting and of course on the important negotiations for the return of our abductees”, he concluded.


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