Putin: Winning a fifth term was expected, but what next?

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

image source, EPA

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Putin won 87% of the vote in the Russian elections.

As forecasts indicated, Vladimir Putin won the election by a landslide. This seemed the most logical thing to happen in Russia, where the Kremlin tightly controls the political system, including elections, and there is no need to predict the results with a glass ball.

But what will Vladimir Putin do with the 87 percent he received? What will his fifth term look like?

Putin’s fifth term may be no different from the previous term. There is no need for anyone to expect a “spell” that can suddenly turn a hawk into a dove with a magic wand. Putin is likely to continue on his current path of conflict abroad and repression from within.

Looking ahead, this may mean a continuation of the war in Ukraine – and the confrontation with the West – as well as an ideological campaign on the home front, as Putin continues his efforts to transform Russia into an increasingly militaristic society.

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