Saad Al-Saghir about the statement of “Shaybah Ali Qaddah”: “I swear by God, this is worth a million like me.”

commented the popular singer Saad Al-SaghirOn the statements he made about the song “100 Wesh”, in which he claimed that Tamer Hosni did not offer him to participate in it because he was “afraid”, and he also said in the same statements: “Mustafa Haggag brought his voice to his instrument, and Shaybah Diab his voice to his instrument and Diab his voice.” He was afraid and said, “If I bring Saad, he will kill me.”

“Al-Saghir” said in his interview with the journalist Basma Wahba, presenter of the “Al-Arafa” program, broadcast on Al-Mehwar and Al-Nahar channels, that he was joking: “Bloody, by God, Mustafa Hajjaj is worth one million like Saad Al-Saghir, and I previously said that, and confirmed that I was joking.”

He continued, confirming that he was joking: “Sheba’s voice is worth one million like me.”

The journalist, Basma Wahba, responded to him: “Afraid that’s why you apologized?! What you said is a very big statement.”

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