Sheikh Ali Jumah: “I hope our Lord will abolish Hell on the Day of Resurrection and all people will enter Paradise.”

rejection Dr. Ali Jumaa The former Mufti of the land, to a question about the torment of the one who commits suicide due to electronic games, and will God punish him or have mercy on his ignorance and incomplete awareness? He said: “We have been calling people for a long time to mercy and love, not to hatred, and we say that there are people who want to see themselves as black, but that is not the case. Neither this world is like this nor the afterlife is like that. Life is not only the one we are in, but the afterlife as well, according to the Almighty’s saying: “And the home of the Hereafter is “Animal.” Do you think that the grave is one of the pits of fire? We believe that it is a garden from the gardens of Paradise. So see what the speech is doing. He leaves the garden which is from the gardens of Paradise and the joy of meeting God and makes it a bald serpent that has nothing to do with it and makes it the torment of the grave. I am not concerned with the torment of the grave and why does He torture me? ?

he added “Ali Gomaa», to a child’s question during the “Nour El-Din” program broadcast on… United Company channels“Do you think that there will be horrors on the Day of Resurrection? Yes, there are books that say that, but there will be those who love each other on podiums of light on the Day of Resurrection, and God will shade them under His shade. Do you think that on the Day of Resurrection there will be no intercession? There will be 70 thousand intercessors who will intercede for 70 people. A thousand intercessors, and the number of Muslims on earth is only 2 billion. Look at his saying, “Come, and my mercy encompasses all things.” When someone asks, the response comes that death is black and takes us from home to hell.. and we will begin the torment from the grave, adding that the masses of Muslims believe that promises and threats must be carried out. He commented by saying: “Our Lord told us that there is a Paradise and a Hell. Well, if God abolished Hell on the Day of Resurrection, we would say no… not everyone will enter Paradise. He does what he wants, and this is possible, and many Muslim scholars said, ‘Oh, it is possible,’ and this remains generosity and giving, and when he promised It is not necessary to do it with fire, and it should be done lightly so that we do not harm anyone and fear God Almighty.

He called Sheikh Ali Juma “The importance of the relationship with God Almighty being based on love, hope, optimism and compassion.”

Nour El-Din Programwhich is shown on the United Company’s channels, opens a dialogue with children and adults about their questions about religion and God Almighty, in addition to the life problems facing God’s servants and how to overcome them, and answers questions for the first time on the lips of young children, who always ask their families who find themselves… We are confused by examples of where God is, why we do not see Him, and other matters that parents stand before in extreme confusion without an answer, which made the program a subject of anticipation, whether for the parents who are waiting for it to understand the correct answer, or for the children who will find in the program an understanding of what they are trying to know and prove to them correctly what it is. It builds awareness and certainty in them.

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