Television this evening: Hala Shiha to the stage: Wearing the hijab does not contradict art

Television programs on Monday evening covered many important issues and topics that concern the Egyptian citizen and public opinion.

Hala Shiha to the stage: Wearing the hijab does not contradict art
Artist Hala Shiha said that she was not a preacher before, noting that some people were inspired by her experience that she is an artist and wore the hijab, commenting: “I see that this does not contradict this.”

She explained during her interview with the “On the Stage” program, via the “Al-Hayat” channel, with the journalist Mona Abdel Wahab, that she presented “Live Coaching,” and she was watching that and did not know that she would appear on the air in this “Live,” adding that she was in Canada and at a stage Her life is difficult, and she has entered a stage of marriage and divorce, and she is in a personal war. Like any woman, she wants to stand on her feet and protect her four children.

She pointed out that it took her a long time to stand on her feet, and she took the time to be a strong woman for the sake of her children, adding that sometimes we make mistakes in order to learn, and we pay the price for that.

She mentioned that the hijab is part of society, and every person has the freedom to do what he feels, especially the hijab, it must be a step that you feel and do sincerely, as spiritually you are closer to God, and at other times before the final period she returns to work, she loves work, Being close to God is the most beautiful thing in the world, and not only does this make it closer. You can get close to God whether with a hijab or without a hijab.

“A Decent Life” gifts a pen seller 50 thousand pounds… and she confirms: “You took away my worries.”
The “Decent Life” program, presented by Ayman Mostafa on the DMC channel, approached a woman selling pens on the sidewalk, to hear from her about her struggle and striving to make a living. She said: “I have been selling pens for 6 years to help with household needs. It is the best thing I can say for as long as I know.” Eddie, I want to strive and work hard to find something good for my son, God willing.”

She affirmed: “Our Lord will be pleased with me, even if it is just a little. A simple thing can bring about sustenance and blessings, and if I go with 20 pounds, I will be happy. The sustenance belongs to our Lord, and the most important thing is that a person is satisfied because God honors him.”

During the episode, the presenter of the program paid 500 pounds to the woman and told her, “This is the price of the goods, and I will not take them and live from them.” Minutes later, an elderly man from the program’s crew passed by and said to her: “I have to rent the apartment, and I do not have it, and I am burdened with it.” Immediately, the woman did not hesitate and gave him 300 pounds and said to him: “May God compensate you and I forgive you from my heart. Our Lord sold us to each other so that He might provide us with His bounty. He is more compassionate to us than anyone, and praise be to God. Our Lord will protect us.”

The pen seller wished to God that her children would be happy, that I would not be late for them in anything, and that they would be the best of people, noting that she was in debt of 15 thousand pounds, and the program gave her a Heroes of a Decent Life medal and 50 thousand pounds, which brought joy to her heart, and she could not express her joy except that she She said, “Praise be to God, may God reward me with generosity, and praise be to God, you have removed my worries from me, and God willing, I will donate an amount for the sake of God.”

Azhari scholar on Al-Nas channel: Human development is the focus of attention of our Prophet
Dr. Al-Sayyid Abdel Bari, a scholar of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, said that human development is the focus of attention of our Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, pointing out that the most perfect model is found in our Prophet, as he is a created being, but he is the master of created beings.

The Al-Azhar scholar explained during an episode of the “Boshra” program, broadcast on “Al-Nas” satellite channel, today, Monday: “The message of our Master Muhammad came to man and the jinn, and the angels have the ability to obey, and animals and inanimate objects yearn for him.”

He continued: “The problem is that some people enter into a relationship with God, even though they are servants of God, but they do not believe in destiny and have a form of destiny, and our Prophet, peace be upon him, was working to make man a servant of God and to be liberated from thoughts of slavery to other than God.”

Al-Nas Channel is keen to provide diverse content during the month of Ramadan, as the map of programs broadcast on screen during the 30 days included 28 diverse programs, ranging from advocacy, fatwa, interpretation of the Qur’an, explanation of the Sunnah, scientific discussion, recitation, and transmission of rituals from major mosques from inside and outside Egypt.

Bab Rizq: “Bazraa Agency” was a merchant complex for more than 300 years
The writer, Yusri Al-Fakharani, spoke about the “Bazraa Agency,” saying: “More than 300 years ago, the Bazraa Agency began and had a place where merchants who came from Yemen resided, because when the agency started, its primary trade was coffee and Nabulsi soap.

Yousry Al-Fakharani added during his program “Bab Rizq” broadcast on the DMC channel, that the agency also included timber trade, but the name Bazraa Agency settled in the mind, due to its owner Bazraa, who bought it, renovated it, and turned it into an important place for trade.

Journalist Yousry Al-Fakharani presents the “Bab Rizq” program during the holy month of Ramadan on the DMC channel, with an episode daily.

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