Urgent: Saudi Meteorology explains weather fluctuations in the Kingdom during the coming hours

Many newspapers published what was issued by the Meteorological Authority in the Kingdom through its official page on X, regarding weather fluctuations accompanied by winds and heavy rain, with a drop in temperatures in most regions of the Kingdom, where temperatures drop to 9 degrees Celsius or less, with wind speeds that… It reaches 50 km per hour and very heavy rains accompanied by torrential rains in some areas.

The Meteorological Authority explains weather changes in the Kingdom

Weather in Saudi Arabia

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Rain and wind conditions during the current week in the Kingdom

Weather in Saudi Arabia

Temperatures and wave conditions during weather fluctuations

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a rise in waves on its coasts, reaching more than 2.5 metres, inside the sea, accompanied by surface waves, and this increases during the noon hours, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

  • Temperatures will drop unexpectedly during this weather fluctuation in the coming days, with temperatures ranging between 6 to 9 degrees Celsius.

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When will the temperatures drop in Saudi Arabia?

Temperatures drop in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the winter between December and the end of February, reaching about 20 degrees Celsius out of 45 degrees.

What is the coldest city in Saudi Arabia?

News was issued by the National Center of Meteorology that Turaif Governorate, which is located in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was considered one of the coldest regions over the past more than 25 years, with temperatures reaching 6 degrees below zero.

How cold is it in Medina?

The cold temperature in Medina is about 26 degrees Celsius and the low is 17 degrees Celsius, accompanied by cloudy weather with wind speeds of 6 km per hour.

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