Urgent weather warning.. Expectations of a strong air depression in Saudi Arabia that will cause heavy rain for 3 days from Friday. Be careful

It is worth noting that the upcoming depression will affect the country, and for this reason there are warnings from the Meteorological Authority regarding heavy rains and torrential rains, and for this reason one must be careful when leaving the house in these weather conditions. It is expected that the sky will be covered by some clouds starting on Friday evening, with a feeling of coldness as a result of being affected by a mass of clouds. Very cold, and we will explain full details about the weather condition later.

Change in temperature and rain showers

Saudi Arabia weather expected today

Temperatures are expected to drop significantly since Friday evening, with partly cloudy conditions forming, in addition to a weak chance of light rain during the day.

At night, the weather gradually turns cloudy in some areas, with rain falling specifically in the north and center of the Kingdom and also in the southwestern parts. Sometimes heavy rain may fall to prevail in the north of the Kingdom.

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Meteorological warnings of depression

Saudi Arabia weather expected today

It is worth noting that the Saudi Meteorological Authority issued some warnings regarding the arrival of the depression on Friday, as follows:

  • Floods are expected to form, covering valleys and low-lying areas.
  • Floods are also expected to occur within valleys and low-lying areas in the western part of the country.

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Danger of rain slipping on the roads

Everyone must be very careful, especially when walking on the roads, to avoid slipping when rain falls, which in turn leads to the formation of floods in low-lying areas, with horizontal visibility significantly decreasing.

When does the rainy season start in Jeddah?

Rainfall in Saudi Arabia is considered one of the rare things that occurs in the country, because it has a desert climate, and most of the time it rains in the period between November and April.

Is there rain in Jeddah?

We find that the rainfall rate in Jeddah is about 40% according to expected weather maps.

How cold is it in Mecca?

The minimum temperature in the country is 17 degrees Celsius and the weather is clear with northerly winds at speeds ranging from 15 to 25 kilometers per hour.

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