A strong meteorological warning in Kuwait appeals to citizens and residents.. This is what will happen within hours

Kuwait’s weather is characterized by extreme heat during the summer, but in the winter the weather may be more moderate with temperatures ranging from pleasant to cold at times. There are chances of rain falling during the winter and spring, and it is possible that heavy rains accompanied by thunder in Kuwait are the result of the effects of phenomena. Various weather conditions, such as depressions and cold air masses, and rain may cause local floods, deformation of roads, and occasional power outages. Therefore, good preparation and awareness of the importance of personal safety in responding to such severe weather conditions must be made. A strong warning has been issued by Kuwaiti Meteorology warning citizens. Residents will be informed of the weather conditions during the coming hours, and here are all the details below.

A strong warning from Kuwaiti meteorology

Kuwait Meteorological Warning

The Meteorological Department in the State of Kuwait issued a weather warning, urging citizens to be careful, as the country is expected to be affected by scattered rain in a number of areas, sometimes thundery and heavy, and accompanied by hailstones, with active winds, which may reach speeds of More than 60 kilometers per hour, knowing that the winds raise dust, which leads to a decrease in horizontal visibility, with high sea waves.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai, meteorology has set the duration of the weather warning in the country at 15 hours, starting from nine o’clock this morning until midnight.

Firefighters appeal to citizens and residents of Kuwait

The General Fire Force in Kuwait called on both citizens and residents to exercise caution and caution, due to the unstable weather condition in the country during the coming hours. It also called on people not to hesitate if seeking help, and to call the emergency phone 112.

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Weather forecast today

Kuwait Meteorological Warning

The weather forecast in the State of Kuwait today is that the weather will be unstable during the day, with southeasterly to southerly winds, light to moderate speed, and active at intervals of 12 – 50 km/hour, with a chance of dust and a chance of thunderstorms in several areas. Be abundant later.

As for the weather at night, it is expected that the weather will be unstable, with southeasterly winds blowing, which may turn northwesterly, with light to moderate speed, and active at intervals of 15 – 50 km/hour, causing dust, with a chance of scattered rain. , which is thundery and heavy at times.

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When does it get cold in Kuwait?

The winter season in the State of Kuwait begins at the beginning of December and continues until mid-February. The weather condition during the winter season is characterized by a significant drop in temperature and the accumulation of many clouds and rainfall.

When does the fall semester start in Kuwait?

The mild autumn season begins from November 5, until December 5, with the hot season usually ending on November 5, knowing that this date is preceded by hot, humid southeasterly winds that then turn to cold northwesterly winds.

What is the coldest area in Kuwait?

Meteorological stations recorded the lowest temperatures in the desert areas, especially in places located in the west and north of the country, where the lowest temperature was recorded in Al-Salmi, then in Ibraq Al-Habbari, Jal Al-Layah, Al-Abdali and Mutariba, where temperatures reached

Zero percent.

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