Al Hilal News Today | Saud’s agent, Abdul Hamid, officially decides his future… and Fahd bin Nafel breaks his silence

We present to you the most important news of Al Hilal Club today, Tuesday, March 19, 2024 AD


The Arabic version of the “GOAL” website monitors the most prominent news of Al Hilal Saudi Club, today, Tuesday, March 19, 2024 AD, and what is going on around the team.

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After the controversy over foreign offers… Saud’s agent Abdul Hamid reveals the truth about his “abandonment” of Al Hilal!

Walid bin Nayef does not want the Malhan family; Saud Abdul Hamid’s agent; The Saudi Al-Hilal right-back said that anything would affect his focus during the current period, so he came out to resolve the controversy over his departure from the leader (See details).

“I was hoping that he would go beyond his arguments.” The president of Al Hilal opens fire on the Saudi Football Association

Fahd bin Nafel, President of Al Hilal, opened fire on the Saudi Football Association and accused him of several accusations of inventing arguments and making rubbery legal updates, regarding the file documenting the history of Saudi football (See details).

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“The Big Nightmare”… a striking development in Matthews Pereira’s future with Al Hilal

Goal informed the Brazilian edition from his sources that there are striking developments in the future of Matthews Pereira, the Al Hilal player loaned to Brazilian Cruzeiro until the end of the season (See details).

Describing him as a “thief”… Golden Youth threatens Al Hilal!

Canaan restored the Canaanite; The golden member of the Saudi Al-Shabab Club opened the transfer file of defender Hassan Timbukti to Al-Hilal Club, sending a mysterious threatening message to the leader (See details).

“It was just a youth session.” Al-Taie justifies his former official’s statements and apologizes to Al-Hilal

Zain Al-Sadr, Vice President of Al-Tai, put the end point to the club’s crisis with Al-Hilal, which has occupied public opinion recently and was caused by resigned Board of Directors member Saud Al-Nais (See details).

Misfortunes continue…a painful blow to Al-Nasr’s defense against Al-Hilal in the Super Cup

It has become certain that Al-Nasr is not experiencing its best days in the current season, as misfortunes continue to occur, especially with regard to its stars being exposed to injuries and their long absence from the stadiums (See details).

Michael: I was excited to leave Al Hilal, and that’s why Cristiano Ronaldo got angry with me!

In every appearance of the Brazilian Michael Delgado; The Saudi Al Hilal star, on a Brazilian channel, must talk about his suffering with estrangement, but other than that, this time he revealed more about his departure, which failed in the Mercato last summer (See details).

“Do you want to teach the priest how to say Mass?” .. Neymar’s reaction to Jesus’ “lesson” to take penalty kicks

Despite being away from playing since last October due to a torn cruciate ligament, Neymar is always present in the conversations of his teammates in Al Hilal, the most recent of whom is winger Michel, who recounted a road situation between his compatriot and coach George Jesus (See details).

“Al-Hilal fought me and I did not benefit from the victory.” Because there is worse than Saud Abdul Hamid, “when respect disappears due to the disappearance of interest”!

Although more than two weeks have passed since the confrontations between Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad, which took place three times over the first 12 days of this March, the leader’s full-back, Saud Abdul Hamid, is still being attacked by the Al-Ameed media and his fans (See details).

Al-Hilal and “permissible inheritance”… Reconsider your calculations before you perish!

When we buy anything and it surprises us with its quality, we say, “It is permissible.” When we buy a product and it lasts despite difficult circumstances, we say, “It is permissible.” It is also said that the most permissible money is inheritance money for the heir, because even if it is forbidden, the sin accrues to the deceased and not the heir. If it included people’s money, then it must be returned (See details).


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