Aramco seeks to invest in fuel retail in Southeast Asia and Africa

seeking company”Aramco Saudi Arabia“To invest in the fuel retail sector in Southeast Asian and African countries, according to what was reported by a newspaper Economic About company.

According to the newspaper’s report, Aramco intends to raise the level of its business in the fuel retail sector in geographical areas that enjoy high growth rates, such as countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, noting that its investments are made through full or partial acquisition.

Aramco competes in the fuel retail sector in international markets through the company it founded in 2018, which is “Saudi Aramco Retail Company,” where it signed a partnership contract with the French company Total to establish a 50-50 joint venture between them to enter the fuel retail market in the Kingdom.

At the beginning of this month, the Saudi company completed Its possession It acquired the entire “Esmax” distribution company operating in the retail trade of various fuels and lubricants in Chile, in Aramco’s first investment in the retail business in South America.

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