Hala Shiha: I was attracted to religious men because we would pray and read the Qur’an together

The artist said Hala ShihaShe received a great deal of attack, because there were people who were in favor of her return to art and others who rejected her return, but she was in a third area of ​​these two opinions, indicating that she had gone through strong circumstances, and had to make a decision in her life.

She added during the second part of her interview with the “On the Stage” program, via the “Al-Hayat” channel, with the journalist Mona Abdel Wahab: “I am not friendly at all, and I was upset when they said that about me,” noting that her relationship with God is what determines it, and it takes a long time. There are scholars who spend years of their lives to achieve a little wisdom that is true.

She continued: “I don’t want to live as she comes. I like to be understanding… and I was upset when someone said something in her brain was not good or needed to be treated,” stressing that she had learned not to beat herself up too much, and that everything takes time.

She pointed out that she was attracted to religious men, and she chose the father of her children because she felt that he was close to God, so that they could pray together and read the Qur’an together, continuing: “My love for the hijab had nothing to do with anyone, and my closeness to a religious person makes me courageous enough to wear the hijab.”

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