Happiness Index: Finland ranks first in the world and an Arab country ranks 13th

Finland continued to lead the World Happiness Index for the seventh year in a row, while Kuwait ranked first in the Arab world and 13th in the world.

and speech Outgoing Sponsored by the United Nations, this year includes 143 countries, which are classified according to several factors, including gross domestic product per capita, healthy life expectancy, in addition to the opinions of the countries’ residents.

The researchers rely on opinion polls in which participants are asked to answer on a gradual scale from 1 to 10, regarding the extent of social support they feel in the event of a problem, their freedom to make decisions related to their private lives, their feeling of the extent of corruption in their societies, in addition to the extent of their generosity.

This year’s report included, for the first time, different classifications according to age groups. For example, Lithuania was the happiest country in the world for the age group under 30 years, while Denmark was at the top of the list regarding those over 60 years old.

Overall, Finland came in first place, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

While Afghanistan came at the bottom of the list, preceded by Lebanon, Lesotho and Sierra Leone.

On the Arab level, Kuwait ranked 13th globally, followed by the UAE in 22nd place, then Saudi Arabia 28th, Bahrain 62nd, Libya 66th, then Algeria 85th, Iraq 92nd, and the Palestinian territories 103rd.

Next comes Morocco in the ranking 107, Mauritania 111, Tunisia 115, Jordan 125, Egypt 127, Comoros 132, Yemen 133, then Lebanon 142, according to the order in the aforementioned list.

The World Happiness Report was launched for the first time in 2012, and is an annual survey conducted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

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