He would never act again because of Ahmed Zaki.. Secrets in Karim Abdel Aziz’s career “Video”

“Ahmed Zaki was obsessed with acting to the point that during his last days in the hospital he became blind and asked one of the producers to make a movie for him with the character of a blind person so that he could film him immediately after he left the hospital.” With these words the star said. Karim Abdulaziz In television statements about his relationship with the late star Ahmed Zaki.

Regarding his appearance in the movie “Laugh, the Picture Looks Beautiful,” he said: “I was very confused in my first experience with acting, and I thought about withdrawing from the movie and leaving the field because of my feeling of tension and fear.”

Regarding his experience with the movie The Blue Elephant, he said: Karim AbdulazizFor the first time, I discover that I have these acting abilities, especially since the character is complex, far from the action and comedy, and I consider that the real hero of the film is the audience because of their acceptance of him.

Karim Abdel Aziz talked about many of the secrets of his life and habits and said that he has an obsession with buying electronic devices and acquiring modern technology and games, so he prefers to stay at home. He revealed another secret about him that he does not like to try on different clothes and is keen to wear many copies of the same clothes, which is what puts him in the dark. Some embarrassing situations because some people think that he does not change his clothes.

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