Height and lights… Rumors haunt Kate Middleton, despite her recent appearance

The speculation surrounding the Princess of Wales has not stopped. Kate Middleton, after publishing a short clip of her shopping after a long absence that followed surgery last January, which sparked a wave of speculation that reached the point of saying that she may have died.

The British newspaper “Sun” published a clip of her and her husband, Prince William, in front of a store in Windsor, and the newspaper commented by saying: “Princess Kate was seen on video for the first time since the surgery and she looks happy and comfortable during the shopping trip with William. She looks wonderful! This should be silent.” Trolls!”

Nelson Silva, who took the video over the weekend, told the newspaper that “Kate looked happy and relaxed” when he saw the couple in the baking aisle of a farm shop in Windsor.

Craig Prescott, a royal expert at Royal Holloway, University of London, said: The video is “certainly useful… As the late Queen used to say, members of the royal family need to be seen to be believed.”

In January, Kensington Palace said that the princess had undergone surgery for an unspecified “non-cancerous” abdominal condition and would not resume her official duties before Easter. However, her absence led to increased speculation on social media about her health, especially after William withdrew from the ceremony. Memorial on February 27 at the last minute.

The matter became more complicated after she admitted that she had edited a photo of herself on Mother’s Day in Britain on March 10.

The British Princess had published the photo, in which she appeared smiling with her children, Princes George, Louis, and Princess Charlotte, along with thanking the people for their support.

The next day, she apologized on social media for “any confusion” caused by an edited photo and said: “Like many amateur photographers, I sometimes experiment with making edits.”

News agencies later withdrew the photo. Reuters photo editors said that part of the sleeve of Kate’s daughter’s jacket did not fall naturally, indicating that the photo had been edited.

After her first public appearance at the weekend, conspiracy theories emerged questioning that the woman shown in the clip is actually the Princess of Wales.

A photo of the couple was circulated, taken from the last video, and another taken in 2014.

Some people noticed a difference in that Kate appears shorter than her husband in the old photo compared to the new one, knowing that they wore flat shoes in both photos, which means that the type of shoe will not affect the assessment of their height.

But site “TMZ” The American refuted this claim, saying that Kate in the old photo was slightly bent, while in the new photo she raised her head.

There were also reports of seeing Christmas lights and wreaths walking around (presumably these decorative items are only used in December during the festivities), leading some to believe that the video was filmed during Christmas, and not during the weekend.

But TMZ went to the same place and found the lights and garlands already there and took a picture of it.

The Washington Post said that Kensington Palace was less frank about her illness than Buckingham Palace was about King Charles’ illness.

But this is not surprising. William, like his brother Prince Harry, blames the British media for hounding his mother, Princess Diana, who was killed in a car accident in Paris, so he prefers to have some privacy about the family’s personal life.

Prescott, the royal expert, said Kensington Palace was trying to balance letting people know why she was not there, while respecting her and her family’s privacy, “something William cares about deeply.”

Royal experts said the palace began to lose control of the details of her condition when William withdrew from a memorial service for the late former Greek King Constantine in February, which the palace simply said was due to a “personal matter.”

Royal biographer Valentin Law, a former royal correspondent for The Times of London, believes that the palace miscalculated the amount of information that needed to be published to dispel conspiracy theories.

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