“Hilali as President of Al-Nasr” .. The global audience revolts after the revelation of Masli Al Muammar’s potential successor

Revealing the name of a new candidate for the “succession” of Masli Al Muammar..


There is no voice rising in the Saudi street currently over the “candidates” to succeed Mesli Al Muammar, at the head of the board of directors of the “non-profit” Al-Nasr Club Company.

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Al Muammar had made his decision to “resign” from the presidency of Al-Nasr, with the symbol Prince Khaled bin Fahd, the club’s golden honorary member, completely moving away from the sports scene..

In this context, sports journalist Abdulaziz Al-Osaimi, who is close to the Nasrawi House, announced the name of a strong candidate to succeed Al Muammar, during the coming period.

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Al-Osaimi revealed through his official account on the “X” platform that this name is; He is Abdulaziz Al-Omran, a member of the Board of Directors of Al-Nasr Club Company.

The Christian masses reacted to this news; A large segment of them objected to Al-Omran’s candidacy for the presidency of the club, considering that he is part of the Masli system, which did not succeed in managing Qalaat Al-Alami.

Others described Al-Omran as a fan of rivals Al-Hilal Club. One of the accounts wrote on the “X” platform: “Hilali is president of Al-Nasr… I swear to God, there is no good in us if it happens.”

It is worth noting that Al-Nasr fans started a hashtag demanding that Prince Turki bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, known as “The Poet One,” be appointed president of the club. Especially after confirmation of the difficulty of businessman Mohammed Al-Khereiji running for office, given his preoccupation with his own business.


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