“His face on the ground”… The first appearance of the physics teacher accused of killing the student

11:50 p.m

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Dakahlia – Rami Mahmoud:

The deportation police deposited “Muhammad A.,” 26 years old, the physics teacher accused of killing the student Ihab Ashraf Abdel Aziz, and cutting his body into three parts in the Al-Stamuni Center, Dakahlia Governorate, in the dock in the hall of the Seventh Circuit of the Mansoura Criminal Court.

The accused, with a long beard and his face on the ground, appeared between two of his guards who entered the dock with him, without saying any words and remained standing firmly without any reaction.

Ahmed Kamal, the session secretary, called the accused from inside the cage to answer: “Yes, I am present.” When asked about the name of his lawyer, he replied that he did not know whether he was present or not.

The trial session is chaired by Counselor Magdy Ali Qassem, President of the Mansoura Criminal Court (Seventh Circuit), which is responsible for hearing the Stamouni Center cases. The panel includes among its members Counselor Wael Safwat Rashed, President of the court, Counselor Mohieddin Muhammad Al-Kanani, Counselor Walid Nabil Atwa, and Ahmed Kamal’s secretariat.

Masrawy provides a live broadcast of the events of the first trial session of the physics teacher accused of killing a student for ransom, before the Seventh Circuit of the Mansoura Criminal Court, after the Public Prosecution’s decision to refer the accused to the Criminal Court, where the security services intensified their presence.

The details of the case date back to when Counselor Mohamed Hashem, the Attorney General of the North Mansoura Public Prosecution, decided to refer the accused, Mohamed A.A.A.L. “Maged,” 25 years old, a student at the Faculty of Education, Department of Physics, Mansoura University, because on 2/13/2024 in the Stamouni Center District – Dakahlia Governorate, the victim killed the child Ihab Ashraf Abdel Aziz Abdel Wahab, intentionally and with premeditation, by deciding to The intention was to take his life, and a white weapon, a knife, was prepared for that purpose, and the victim was present with him to receive scientific material.

The referral order stated that, by diligently trying to undermine his resistance, he tricked him into deceiving him with his ability to film a video clip between them, in which the accused passes the knife blade over the neck of the victim without injuring him, and performs some visual tricks on him, so that it appears after that as if blood is flowing from him, so he complied with him. Taking advantage of the existence of trust between them that did not make him cautious towards him, as he was his teacher, and as soon as he got hold of him, he attacked him by surprise with his white weapon, stabbing him in the neck and lower chest, causing the injury described in the anatomical report, which claimed his life, as shown in the investigations.

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