“In Gaza… Emirati influence first, and Saudi influence later” – in Yedioth Ahronoth

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A scene of destruction after an air strike in Khan Yunis – on March 6

In today’s press tour, we take a look at several articles published regarding the developments of the war in the Gaza Strip and its repercussions, and we start with an opinion article published by the editorial board of the American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal”, entitled “Democrats turn against Israel”, as it addresses the impact of the Gaza war on The relationship between the administration of US President Joe Biden and the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

The newspaper says that Netanyahu’s public statement in which he said that Israeli goals in the war on Gaza “will not be prevented by any international pressure” is interpreted as a challenge to President Biden, which means (that the scenes) hide a shift in the nature of American dealings with Israel, according to Wall Street. Journal.

“Israel does not need the trembling Biden administration to give it the green light on Rafah.”

According to the newspaper, the Israelis notice the change in Biden’s language, from his previous speech calling for “defeating Hamas,” to attacking the Prime Minister of Israel and calling for a “two-state solution.”

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