Inspired by the series Haqq Arab.. What is the story of the profession of “midwife” with Egyptians?

Asmaa Morsi wrote:

On the sidelines of the “Haqq Arab” series in the Ramadan 2024 season, starring the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, the story of a profession known to man in the past is brought back to us, which is the profession of “the birth attendant.”

Actress Aida Fahmy embodies the character of the “maid” in the series, the woman who helped Sabah, “Wafa Amer,” hide her dangerous secret from her husband, “Riyad Al-Kholy,” but what is the story of this profession?

The origin of the profession of midwife

Dr. Ahmed Amer, an archaeological expert and specialist in Egyptology, explains to “Masrawy” that the process of childbirth in ancient Egypt “the Pharaohs” was associated with experienced women, whether family members, neighbors, or even maids residing in the house, until it developed over the years and became There is the profession of “midwife”.

The spread of the midwife profession

Amer emphasized the spread of the profession of midwife throughout Egypt, whether in cities or villages, where there were one, two, or more in every neighborhood, known for their efficiency and constituting a source of trust for many families.

He explained that this profession is still widely available in Egypt, even if the term “day-money” is not used explicitly at times.

A profession that supports women in the journey of pregnancy and childbirth

The archaeological expert pointed out that this profession was not limited to providing support and care to pregnant women during the childbearing period, but also prescribed natural herbs for women after giving birth, and taking care of the health of the newborn.

Squatting position for birth

Amer described the position that the pregnant woman used to take during the birth process, which was to sit cross-legged, with the knees bent and the hands placed on the thighs, while placing one or two bricks under the knees to create a suitable space for the fetus to pass safely.

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