Nima Avocato series, Episode 9.. Salah plans to kill Nima

The escalation in events continues with the series “Nima Al Avocato”, Episode 9, after the arrest of “Salah” Ahmed Zaher and “Sarah” Arwa Gouda, where “Nima” Mai Omar surprises them by appearing inside the prosecution, to announce that she is taking over the case, defending them, and proving their innocence, and in fact she succeeded in doing so. .

During the events of the Nima Avocato series, Episode 9, “Salah” threatened his wife, “Sarah,” with death if she confessed that he was behind the killing of “Mohamed” Mohamed Desouky, and she promised him that she would not tell anyone, so “Nima” interrupted their conversation by entering, and assured them that she forgave them for everything they had done. She asked her to stay with them in the house and that she would return to them the next morning. Immediately after she left, Salah suggested to Sarah that he should kill Nimah, but she did not give him an answer.

series "Avocado blessing" Episode 9 Ramadan 2024

“Nima” moved to “Sarah’s” house, and demanded that “Salah” return her money, amounting to 8 million pounds, but he told her that he had bought a car and an apartment for his mother, and the rest of the money was still in the bank, so Naama decided to take possession of the car and the apartment, and she asked him to go to the bank to recover the rest. Money, as the events of the Nima Avocato series, Episode 9, ended with Nima entering the apartment of her mother-in-law, whom she did not love at all.

Events of the Avocado Blessing series

The events of the series “Nima Al-Avocato”, which will be shown in the first half of Ramadan 2024, take place from the heart of one of the old neighborhoods in Cairo. The young lawyer “Nima” sets out to take on the task of defending many of the oppressed and oppressed who are looking for someone to extend a helping hand to them. Her life fluctuates between helping simple people in cases. The public and defending her personal rights against a husband who exerts maximum pressure on her and does not bear his responsibilities.

series "Avocado blessing" Episode 9 Ramadan 2024

Heroes of the Avocado Blessing series

Ahmed Zaher, Kamal Aburia, Arwa Gouda, Salwa Othman, Sami Maghawry, Lubna Wans, Imad Ziyada, Hadir Abdel Nasser, Ghada Felfel, Ahmed Majed, Walaa Al-Sharif, Mahmoud Gharib, are participating in the series’ starring role alongside Mai Omar. Mohamed Sami and Mohab Tariq, directed by Mohamed Sami.

Where is the Avocado Blessing series shown?

The Blessing of Avocato series will be shown daily in the first half of Ramadan 2024 on the MBC Egypt channel, at exactly ten o’clock in the evening, and it will also be shown on the Shahid platform.

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