Rapid security intervention… Details of the “Lion of the Assembly” incident and identifying its owner (what has happened so far)

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Books – Muhammad Fathi:

The incident of the appearance of a small lion wandering around a villa in the First Settlement area in Cairo, sparked widespread interaction on social media platforms during the past hours.

The incident goes back to the circulation of a video showing a small lion wandering around a villa in the First Settlement area in Cairo, before the sunset call to prayer and the breakfast cannon on Tuesday, which sparked terror among the residents of the area.

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Only a few hours later, the hashtag “Lion of the Rally” topped the list of popular content on Facebook, surpassing new episodes of Ramadan series that usually topped the trend lists that month. For more read also:

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police intervention

Within minutes, the security forces were able to control him, catch him using a net, and hand him over to the Ministry of Agriculture to determine whether or not there was a permit to raise him.

The security services also identified the owner of the roaming lion in the community, named “K.A.”, 62 years old, residing in Nasr City, and he is scheduled to be arrested to be investigated about the incident.

The security services had unloaded surveillance cameras in the surrounding streets and asked eyewitnesses to find out his itinerary, find the place from which he came out, and arrest his owner, after the rescue room received a report from the people that the owner of a villa had caught a small lion wandering inside his villa in the First Settlement Police Department.. For more the details (Press here)

Veterinary medicine position

In turn, Dr. Sabri Zeinhom, Director of Veterinary Medicine, revealed to Masrawy the details of the incident, explaining that what happened was that a small cub that one of the residents apparently wanted to acquire escaped from the villa’s garden, adding: “We do not have tools in veterinary medicine to hunt dogs or lions.” The emergency services that came immediately were notified to restrain him, and a police report was filed regarding the incident.”

He confirmed that the seized cub was harmless, as what caused people’s panic was its presence in the street without restrictions…for more details (Press here)

Egyptian law prohibits the possession of dangerous animals except with the approval of the authorities, as the House of Representatives finally approved a draft law regulating the possession of dangerous animals last May.

Article Two of the law also stipulates that owners of dangerous animals must arrange their situation within a period not exceeding one year from the date of issuance of its executive regulations, and they must obtain the necessary license to own the animal or hand it over to the authorities.

The law sets a set of requirements for licensing animals, including that the age of those accompanying the animals must not be less than 16 years, and that they must be muzzled and tied with a suitable collar when taking them outside the boundaries of their shelters. It also prohibits taking any dangerous animals in public places.

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