Sebastian Ion, who fell in Gaza, was laid to rest: “You were fearless and fought bravely”

“Adds another layer of pain”: The late Major Sebastian Ion, who was killed in the battles at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, was laid to rest today (Wednesday), when hundreds of participants accompanied him to the cemetery in Nahariya. The members of his family, his comrades in the unit and his relatives told about a dedicated and valuable man who always fought until the end.

Sergeant-at-Arms (res.) Sebastian Ion, the late Photo: IDF spokesman

Lieutenant Colonel Shalom Eisner, the commander of the late Sebastian Ion, eulogized him: “The difficulty is unimaginable, and I join another layer of friends who fell more and more. I always had a supportive shoulder from you. We have long been a family and I will support your children and your parents. You fight without fear , you fought bravely and fell in the most just war there is.”

Lt. Col. Eisner Masfid, Photo: Herzi Shapira

“The war will continue to be fought in your name as well. You have always been honest and true. We are sad, but not broken. Painful and still determined. We want to end this without further rounds. We are committed to future generations.”

Farewell to the late Sebastian, Photo: Herzi Shapira

He also said: “Our affairs have already dried up from tears, say that we have already stood the test. And this nation has already stood the test, please let our troubles end.”

“hurt, but not broken”,
The relatives and family members of the late Sebastian, Photo: Herzi Shapira
The members of the late Sebastian’s unit accompany his coffin, Photo: Herzi Shapira

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