The appearance of the statue of Talaat Harb in the Beit Al-Rifai series, Episode 9. Learn about his most prominent works

In the ninth episode of House of Al-Rifai series Which is shown on the ON channel simultaneously with its showing on the watch it platform, as part of the Ramadan 2024 drama, the statue of Talaat Pasha Harb appeared in central Cairo since the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser decided to transform the former Suleiman Pasha Square into the current Talaat Harb Square, and place it in the middle of it. The statue was in honor of the founder of the Bank of Egypt and the owner of great economic projects, in 1960, and since then the statue has not left its place despite the dozens of times it has been restored, to remain a witness to the many transformations that have occurred in the landmarks of downtown Cairo, its streets, and the outbursts of its anger as well.

Talaat Pasha Harb, who appeared in the series “Beit Al-Rifai”, episode nine, is considered the founder of the Egyptian economy, as he was called the “Father of the Egyptian Economy”. He is an Egyptian writer, economist, and thinker. He was a member of the Egyptian Senate, and he is the founder of the Bank of Egypt and its group of affiliated companies. He is considered one of the most important figures in economics. In the history of Egypt, he worked to liberate the Egyptian economy from foreign dependency, and contributed to the establishment of the Bank of Egypt.

And I have Talaat harb Many literary and cultural contributions, perhaps the most notable of which is his famous opposition to the writings and ideas of Qasim Amin, which led him to publish his two books: The Education of Women and the Hijab and The Book of the Discourse on Women and the Hijab. He also has some other books such as: Egypt and the Suez Canal, the History of the Arab and Islamic Countries, Egypt’s Economic Treatment, and the Education of Women. And Hijab, and he was a member of the Geographical Society. Talaat Harb died in 1941 AD in a village belonging to Farskour in Damietta.

It was the sixth and eighth episode of House of Al-Rifai series It has witnessed many developments, as Yassin (Amir Karara) entered into a new enmity with the teacher Saeed (Mohamed Lotfy) because of Samia (Mirna Jamil), and Saeed decides to expel him from the pharmacy where he works, as its owner ordered Yassin to be fired, which is what actually happened, but Samia decides to look for a new job for Yassin in a place far from Saeed.

Yassin begins a new job in a factory owned by Hajj Afifi (Sabri Abdel Moneim), an old friend of Samia’s father, who asked him to employ Yassin in the factory as her husband. On the other hand, Laila (Safaa Al-Toukhi), Yassin’s mother and his sister (Jamalat), begins looking for work. To collect their expenses, but to no avail.
Events continued as Ruqayya (Malik Qawra) told her family that she had found a job as a translator in an office, but after that it was revealed that she worked in a nightlife place where drinks were served. In an unexpected surprise, Farouk (Ahmed Rizk) proposed to Ruqayya, but her mother and sister refused and expelled him. From home, Farouk threatens them that he will make them wish he would marry her.

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