The information system suspended the speaker Ilon Levy

The famous explainer, spokesman for the Israeli information system for foreign media, Ilon Levy has been suspended from his position. Levy was suspended following a tweet he posted on his account on the X social network against British Foreign Minister David Cameron, causing anger in the British community.

Cameron wrote about a week and a half ago: “We continue to plead with Israel to allow more trucks to enter Gaza as the fastest way to receive aid for those who need it.” Levy, born in Britain, who became one of the well-known figures during the war in terms of Israeli propaganda in the world, replied to Cameron: “There is no capacity problem for the aid trucks at the Israeli crossings. Send trucks, they will enter.”

In response, the British Foreign Ministry filed a complaint, and in the UK they demanded clarifications from Israel: “As you probably know, the Foreign Minister discussed the humanitarian issue at length with the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, and Minister Dermer,” the British Foreign Ministry wrote to the Israeli information system, “These tweets were surprising Us, considering the constructive dialogue between the countries, when they come from a good company and an ally. We would be happy to understand if these tweets actually attack the position of Foreign Minister Cameron and if they reflect the official position of the Israeli government,” the British wrote.

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