The specter of famine reinforces Israel’s isolation

The Israeli delegation in Doha provides a response to “Hamas”… and Haniyeh accuses Israel of “sabotaging” the negotiations

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority reported this evening (Tuesday) that the Israeli delegation in the Doha negotiations presented an official proposal in response to the demands of the Hamas movement, regarding a deal to exchange detainees and a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

The authority quoted informed sources as saying that Israel submitted an official offer yesterday in response to Hamas’ demands: “This step, which indicates some progress, was taken yesterday in Qatar by the Israeli negotiating team led by Mossad chief David Barnea.”

She stated that the Israeli proposal includes “references to several criteria, including the return of residents to the northern Gaza Strip and the issue of the release of Palestinian security prisoners.”

It quoted officials who participated in the operation as saying that the negotiators in Doha are first trying to reach an understanding regarding the release of Palestinian security prisoners in exchange for the release of about 40 Israelis.

There is also talk about a decision regarding the number of security prisoners who will be released, after which the two parties will discuss issues related to the return of residents to the northern Gaza Strip.

Political officials told the Commission, “This is a more complex issue, because it would obscure the achievements achieved by the war.” In Israel, the issue is now being discussed.”

A source familiar with the negotiations said that the talks are progressing, but are expected to last several weeks, and there may be additional rounds.

Earlier today, Hamas media official Walid al-Kilani confirmed that the movement is still awaiting the Israeli response to its proposal for negotiations that it submitted to the mediators last Thursday, and accused Israel of evasion and trying to buy time.

Al-Kilani told the Arab World News Agency: “After the (proposal) presented by the movement, Israel is still stalling and evading, and Netanyahu wants to gain more time to implement his plan, so we say that we are now waiting for the Israeli response.”

He added: “If this response is positive, we may reach an agreement, but if this response is negative, things may falter and we may reach a dead end.”

Surrounding and storming the Al-Shifa Medical Complex

For his part, the head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, on Tuesday accused Israel of seeking to “sabotage the negotiations” taking place in Doha to reach a truce, by launching, at dawn on Monday, an operation that included encircling and storming the Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City.

According to Agence France-Presse, Haniyeh said, in a statement, that “what the Zionist occupation forces are doing in the Shifa Medical Complex… reflects the occupation leaders’ attempt to sabotage the negotiations taking place in Doha” through Qatari and Egyptian mediators.

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