Today’s poultry prices in Egypt today, Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Islam Saeed wrote

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 08:00 AM

We publish Poultry prices In the markets today, Wednesday, March 20, 2024, the price of a kilogram delivered on farm land was 94 to 95 pounds, and the price for consumers reached between 105 to 110 pounds, depending on the region, after adding the cost of transportation.

The price of Sasso chicks was recorded at 115 pounds on the farm, while the price of white mother chicks was 81 pounds. The price of the Sasso chick also moved to 14 pounds, and the white chick was 26 pounds.

As for egg prices in the markets today, they recorded a noticeable movement to 150 pounds for a carton of white eggs on the farm, and the price of a carton of local eggs reached 157 pounds and reached consumers, and a carton of red eggs recorded 152 pounds, reaching consumers and may increase slightly depending on the region.

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