4 zodiac signs that are keen to help others, such as Ali, the hero of the Masar Egbari series

Compulsory course series From series Ramadan 2024 dramaStarring Ahmed Dash, Issam Omar, and a group of artists, and in the first episodes, Ali, who has not finished his studies in the Faculty of Law, is keen to help the college students with their studies, and he also works to help his girlfriend, who works as a lawyer.

Inspired by the “Massar Egbari” series, in this report we review astrological signs that are keen on helping others, according to what was reported by the experteditor website.

Astrological signs are keen to help others


Cancer is keen to help others, especially his friends, as he stands shoulder to shoulder with them, goes through difficult situations with them, makes sure to communicate with them all the time, and showers them with love and care sincerely and affectionately, to the point that he feels happy when helping them.


Aries is keen to help others and often directs his energy to them. However, he is sometimes selfish. He is always ready to face challenges with his friends and seeks to solve their problems. He also volunteers on his own to help anyone in need.


Pisces are characterized by emotionalism and romanticism. They also prefer to live in imagination for some time and communicate with those around them, which is why they have many friends. They are also characterized by quick wits and compassion, which prompts them to help others and provide advice to those around them.


Capricorns are characterized by ambition, discipline, and always strive to achieve success. They are always keen to donate without being asked, and help those who need it without being asked to do so.

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Compulsory course series

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Compulsory course series
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Ali in the series “Compulsory Course”.

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