Complete series, issue + 1, episode 10.. A quarrel between Inji and Hanzadeh over going out with Khaled

Events started Episode ten from Complete series +1, broadcast on the channel on, with a fight between Angie (Jihan Al-Shamasherji) and her friend Hanzada Taymour (Aya Samaha) because she went out with her friend Khaled alone to the cinema. Angie tried to explain to her friend that it was a normal outing and there was no relationship between them, but Hanzada refused and hung up the phone in her face.

A full series +1 consisting of 15 episodes and shown as part of the Ramadan 2024 series, starring Dina El-Sherbiny, Sherif Salama, Esaad Younes, Aya Samaha, Jihan El-Shamasherji, Mimi Gamal, Ahmed Kamal, Ahmed Gamal Saeed, Samar Allam, Amr Gamal, Tamim Abdo, Jessica Hossam El-Din, Lina Sofia Bin Hamman, Hamza Diab, Fatt Imam, written by Rana Abu Al-Rish and Yusser Taher, directed by Khaled Al-Halafawi and produced by Eagle Films by producer Jamal Sinan.

The full series, Episode 10, starring Dina El-Sherbiny and Sherif Salama, will be shown on ON channel, at 7:30 pm.

The events of the entire series +1 take place in a light social context, where the married couple Laila Taymour (Dina El-Sherbiny) and Ahmed Mokhtar (Sherif Salama) face new problems related to their children and their marital life, in continuation of what happened in the events of the first part, which was shown last Ramadan. It begins The events of the work include Laila giving birth to a new child, whom they call Omar.

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