Eyal, the father of observer Roni Eshel Zell: Roni said months ago – ‘Dad, they are studying us’


Eyal, the father of the observer Roni Eshel who was killed in the Hamas attack, on the disclosure of her tapes from the HML in those minutes: “They told them that after Sukkot something would happen”

Last night (Wednesday) chilling recordings of the late observer Roni Eshel, who fell in the killing spree of Hamas terrorists, were revealed from those terrible moments in HML when she realized what was happening. Eyal Eshel, the father of the late Roni, spoke with Sion Cohen and referred to the unimaginable hours.

First, he referred to the warning given by his house, days before: “We understood this from the first stages. We understood from the first minutes of Shabbat. I remember the whole sequence of the event, because already at the beginning girls who were there also arrived, they were not in the same group as the girls from that A terrible and black Sabbath.”

According to him, “All the girls had the same sentences and all the girls spoke the same words almost together. Roni also spoke months ago, ‘Dad they do homework, they study us’. On Wednesday when she came back that morning, she stood at the door and said to me ‘Dad , boiling over there, they know everything about us and they told us that after Sukkot something would happen and to be ready and they gave us a briefing and gave us the possibility of a raid.’ I said to her, ‘Roni, what happened to you? We are a big army, we are a strong army and look how everything explodes in our faces on Shabbat in the morning'”.

When you listen to this recording of your house, the heroine, the late Roni, actually describes in the recording the entire takeover and breaking into the outpost, what does it do to you?
“It makes me feel bad. It makes me think that even in those minutes, when Roni was in HML and these other wonderful girls who lost their lives cried out for help, even in the seconds of their reports – there was no one to hear them. We know that the IDF is so sophisticated and so technologically advanced, and we’re talking about 6:28 in the morning that these reports were given. It’s such an early hour that the entire country could still be roused from their beds, certainly the commanders. No one got out of bed and everyone Continue with this thundering silence that has cost us all dearly.”

Later he claimed: “Everyone already knows, everyone understands that the failure of the command staff, of this entire corps, is intolerable and must not continue because there are people there who are not fit to command soldiers. I will say it again and maybe you really will have someone here this minute In the IDF or in the security system, and certainly in the leadership that he will understand, that the time has come to change. It is impossible to continue any longer in the situation as it is today.”

Towards the end of the conversation, he said that “I sat with Daniel Hagari in a personal conversation and let him understand the situation as I see it, as I, a concerned citizen in the State of Israel, let him understand that something bad is happening in the IDF. The corporate culture is one of the failures in the world, I also explained that to him and we see it one by one.”


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