Haim Levinson: Orenstein really felt that he owed his appointment to Efi Neve


Haim Levinson (‘Haaretz’) talked about the recordings he revealed that allegedly show that Efi Neve and former judge Eitan Orenstein allegedly had a ‘give-and-take relationship’

Chaim Levinson (‘Haaretz’, ‘Keshet 12’) revealed today (Wednesday) tapes that indicate friendly relations that existed between the former chairman of the Bar Association, Efi Neve, and the former president of the Tel Aviv District Court, Eitan Orenstein.

In a conversation with Ben Caspit and Aryeh Eldad on 103fm, Levinson said: “We all know Efi Neve. His character and the way he manipulated people and his level of borderline ethics. The treasure of recordings is great, it is endless and I haven’t even gotten to all of it yet. There is something very clear, Ethan Orenstein really wants to be president, he acts like a guy in love with a girl, only this time he’s in love with the position, and Efi Neve also wants him because he has a tort office in Tel Aviv.”

He also said: “There is no ideology here, only the business affairs of Efi Noveh who owns a tort office in front of the court and feels that in this court, he does not have judges who love him. Orenstein really feels that he owes his appointment to Efi Noveh.”


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Effie Neve

Effie Neve &nbsp| Photo: Miriam Elster/Flash90

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