House of Al-Rifai series, Episode 9.. Will Amir Karara discover the nature of the work of the King of Qawra?

The eighth episode of House of Al-Rifai series For the star Amir KararaRuqayyah (Malik Qawra) leaves the nightlife place where she works without her family’s knowledge, in the middle of being chased by a young man who met her inside the place, which made Ruqayyah call her brother Yassin (Amir Karara). However, the young man attacks her in the street before Yassin reaches her. Will Yassin find out? The nature of his sister Ruqaya’s work and what his reaction will be, and this is what the ninth episode will reveal today.

The ninth episode of House of Al-Rifai series Today, Tuesday, on the ON channel at 9 pm, and replays at 1:30 am and 9:45 am, and drama will be shown on the ON channel at 12 midnight, and replays at 6 am and 4:30 pm, in addition to showing the work on the watch it platform at 7 pm.

Issued House of Al-Rifai series The short tweet site “X” Twitter trended previously – yesterday, Monday, coinciding with the presentation of the eighth episode of the work, so that the series was at the top of the “X” trend for the second day in a row, after occupying the lead the day before yesterday, Sunday, in Egypt and the Arab countries after the presentation of the seventh episode yesterday.

The events of the series developed in the eighth episode, where Yassin (Amir Karara) entered into a new enmity with the teacher Saeed (Mohamed Lotfy) because of Samia (Mirna Jamil). Saeed decides to expel him from the pharmacy where he works, as its owner ordered Yassin to be fired, which is what actually happened, but Samia decides to look for a new job for Yassin in a place away from Saeed.

Yassin begins a new job in a factory owned by Hajj Afifi (Sabri Abdel Moneim), an old friend of Samia’s father, who asked him to employ Yassin in the factory as her husband. He immediately confronts Afifi’s uncle, and on the other hand, Laila (Safaa Al-Toukhi), Yassin’s mother and his sister (Jamalat) begins… They searched for work to pay their expenses, but to no avail.

Events continued, as Ruqaya (Malak Qawra) told her family that she had found a translator in an office, but after that it was revealed that she worked in a nightlife place where drinks were served, and in an unexpected surprise, Farouk (Ahmed Rizk) proposed to Ruqaya, but her mother and sister refused and expelled him. From home, Farouk threatens them that he will make them wish he would marry her.

The series “House of Al-Rifai” is shown within Ramadan 2024 series Starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Rizk, Sayed Ragab, Mirna Jamil, Mohamed Lotfy, Tamer Nabil, Safaa El Toukhy, Malak Qora, Rehab El Gamal, Enas Kamel, Aida Riyad, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Ahmed Abdullah, Mustafa Abbas and a number of other artists, including Written by Peter Mimi, Hend Abdullah, and Amr Abu Zeid, directed by Ahmed Nader Galal, and produced by Synergy.

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