How to renew a private driving license in Qatar

Many citizens in Qatar are keen to know how to renew a driving license to avoid any problems. The Qatari government has provided the possibility of renewing and obtaining a new license through its official website in order to make things easier for everyone. It has also specified the fees that must be paid upon renewal.

Driving license renewal

Driving license renewal

Private vehicle owners can renew their driving license electronically very easily through the official website of the General Directorate of Transport and then follow the following steps:

Papers and documents required to renew a driving license in Qatar

The Ministry of Interior and the General Authority for Transport and Traffic announced that when submitting an application to renew a driver’s license, the applicant must add a set of important papers and documents, which are as follows:

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Qatar driving license renewal fees

The Qatari government clarified that when submitting a request to renew a driver’s license, a person must pay the fees due for renewal, which are as follows:

Conditions for renewing a driving license in Qatar

Driving license renewal

The conditions for renewing a driving license in Qatar, which were clarified by the Qatari Ministry of Interior, are as follows:

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How do I renew my private driving license?

The license renewal service in Qatar can be obtained by accessing the website of the Ministry of Interior directly. from here Then follow the necessary steps.

What is the period allowed after the expiration of a car license in Qatar?

According to the traffic law in Qatar, the period within which the license is allowed to be renewed is 30 days after expiration.

How much does a driving license cost in Qatar?

The value of the fees due for renewal varies depending on the renewal period.

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