I swear to God, there was a time when I couldn’t find food! – Al-Nilin

Saudi singer Muhammad Abdo said: “I worked in business for the sake of my mother. She told me, ‘My son, art will not do anything for you,’ and she has a correct and insightful view of the end of artists.”

During his participation in the “Big Time Podcast” program, hosted by Amr Adeeb and Asala on MBC, Muhammad Abdo praised his personal memories and talked about his experiences in life. He said: “My mother, may God have mercy on her, always advised me. She used to say: ‘Look, my son, you will remain like this all your life, busy with music without working. Look at your life,’ and her expression was sincere. There were times when all I had was rice without onions or oil to cook it, and I was singing like an artist, and I had nothing to eat.”

He added: “I see money every day and I remember how poor my father was. He is not someone who considers his father to be rich and the money easily reached him.”

When asked about the amount of his wealth, Muhammad Abdo replied: “I have 11 billion, half of which goes to my children, and each of them owns more than a billion.” As for my money in the bank, I do not know exactly, but all my money is invested in companies and assets, and I work for people in a group of industrial, real estate, and investment companies, and I also have the largest compounds in Britain.”

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