Important warnings of cold weather with a chance of thunderstorms in some areas

The National Center of Meteorology expects that the weather today will be cold in most regions of the Kingdom, and the possibility of heavy rain with lightning and hail remains, in addition to strong winds that raise dust and dust in several parts of Jazan, Asir, and Al-Baha, as well as in the eastern regions, Riyadh, and Najran. Fog is also likely to form over Some of these areas, in addition to parts of the highlands in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, while temperatures are expected to continue to drop accompanied by strong winds in most regions of the Kingdom, and through the following lines we will learn the details.

Red Sea weather

Saudi Arabia weather today

  • Surface winds

Winds blow from the north to the northwest at a speed ranging between 10 to 35 kilometers per hour, and may reach up to 50 kilometers per hour in the central regions, with the appearance of thunderclouds bringing rain to the southern regions, while the winds in the latter are from the south to the southwest. At a speed ranging from 10 to 30 kilometers per hour towards the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

The distance ranges from one meter to one and a half meters and may extend up to two and a half meters in the central region, while cumulus clouds, causing thunderstorms, form over the southern regions.

  • Sea state

Moderate in height and volatile in the central part, while cumulus rain clouds form over the southern region.

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Arabian Gulf weather

Surface winds

The wind direction is from the southwest to the northwest and moves at a speed ranging between 12 and 35 kilometers per hour in the northern and central parts, while it blows from the southeast to the northeast at speeds ranging between 10 and 35 kilometers per hour in the southern regions, and may rise to 50 kilometers per hour. When cumulonimbus clouds form, carrying rain.

Wave height

From half a meter to one and a half meters, and the height may exceed two meters during the formation of rain-producing cumulonimbus clouds.

Sea state

The height of the waves ranges from light to moderate, and they may be turbulent due to the formation of heavy clouds that carry lightning, thunder, and rainfall.

Expected temperatures

Saudi Arabia weather today

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When do temperatures rise in Saudi Arabia?

Temperatures rise in Saudi Arabia from December to February.

What was the temperature in Riyadh?

The high is only 23 degrees Celsius.

What is the warmest city in Saudi Arabia?

The last city in Saudi Arabia is the Wadi Al-Faraa area.

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