Imposter syndrome: what is it and how can you get rid of it?

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Some people may underestimate their accomplishments due to a psychological phenomenon called “impostor syndrome.”

  • Author, Alicia Hernandez
  • Role, BBC – Mandu

“I don’t know why they haven’t fired me yet. I’m not suitable for this job. I’m in this place because of a stroke of luck. I’m a fraud.”

You may have said these phrases to yourself before in one form or another at some point in your professional life.

If you’ve ever experienced this, don’t feel like an outsider. You may just be experiencing what’s known as “impostor syndrome,” which is a common occurrence.

Dolores Leria, a psychiatrist and vice-dean of the Official Psychological Association of Catalonia, told the BBC: “Impostor syndrome is the difficulty some people have in recognizing their own merits and the perception or fear that others might think they are impostors. Perhaps it has to do with the fear of not being Living up to the expectations of others.”

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