Israel Prize in the field of mutual guarantee to Dr. Kochav Elkayim-Levi

The Israel Prize in the field of mutual guarantee will be awarded this year to Dr. Kochav Elkayim-Levi for her work to raise awareness of gender-based and criminal violence by Hamas against women in the events of October 7.

Elkayam-Levi is the head of the Deborah Institute, an attorney and a lecturer in the Department of International Relations at the Hebrew University and the author of the report ‘The Atrocities’ which revealed to the world the evidence of the horrific sexual crimes committed by Hamas terrorists.

In the reasons for the award committee, it is stated that her commitment and dedication led her to act in the national and international arena and to establish a task force entitled “Chaimal Gender Crimes”, and later engaged the Civil Commission to deal with the matter. As part of its work on this issue, it recruited many female lawyers to the Civil Commission to work alongside it and promote recognition in the international arena of this that Hamas’ actions against women and children are covered under the definition of crimes against humanity.

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