Mortada Mansour: Helmy Bakr was tortured by extinguishing cigarettes on his body

The famous Egyptian lawyer Mortada Mansour threatened the widow of the late composer Helmy Bakr with imprisonment, after she claimed that he owed her late husband money, confirming that he had recordings proving that the deceased was tortured with cigarettes before his death.

Mansour explained in press statements that he submitted a report to the Public Prosecution requesting an investigation into the death of Helmy Bakr who was poisoned after eating one of the meals his wife provided him, according to Egyptian media reports.

He added that he had recordings in which the late composer confessed to being tortured by his wife, who was putting out cigarettes on his body.

Mansour, who represents Hisham Helmy Bakr, denounced Samah Al-Qurashi’s statements in which she said that the late composer told her that the lawyer owed him money.

Mortada Mansour confirmed that he will sue Helmy Bakr’s widow because of these statements, and will not rest until he puts her in prison, pointing out the illogicality of him owing any money to the late composer, in the absence of any relationship between them.

It is noteworthy that the past few days witnessed controversy and public disagreements between the Musical Professions Syndicate and Hisham Helmy Bakr on the one hand, and his wife Samah Al-Qurashi on the other hand, due to doubts about the circumstances of the great musician’s death on March 1, at the age of 86 years.

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